About Rockford Wire Preparation Services

Rockford wire preparation services is a branch of Rockford dedicated to the fast turnaround of wire preparation orders. We are accredited to all the same high standards as the rest of Rockford, including IPC certification and industry supplier-driven standards for defence and aerospace.

Rockford’s core business is in supplying wiring, interconnect, and system solutions for defence, aerospace and industrial. See Rockford.co.uk for more information.

We chose to keep our wire preparation services unit separate from the rest of Rockford in order to deliver a rapid response to quotes and to ensure your wire prep needs are quickly delivered to you. Please get in touch for a quote by emailing WirePrep@Rockford.co.uk and we’ll get started!

If you need further electronics manufacturing services such as cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, box builds, sub-assemblies or any bespoke or certified compliant work, please contact Sales@Rockford.co.uk and discuss your requirements. We’re happy to take you from developing prototypes through to manufacturing in larger quantities.