Rockford has a dedicated wire and cable preparation cell with high-speed machinery for cutting, stripping and crimping a variety of wire with a wide range of processing needs — all with quick turnaround times.

We offer a complete and fully automated wire cutting and stripping service using fully automatic wire cutting and stripping equipment. Our wire crimping service uses fully automated wire crimping presses and applicators.

Our wiring is always manufactured according to the terminal manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances, and in alignment with industry standards for defence and aerospace, ensuring reliable electrical connections for the long term. This involves strict adherence to the manufacturer’s ideal tooling and tool settings for the highest precision cutting, stripping, and crimp terminations.

We can work on a wide variety of cables and types 32 AWG to 8 AWG:

  • Round cables
  • Flat cables
  • Single-core cables
  • Multi-core cables
  • Laser marking of wires
  • Identing of wires
  • Heat shrinking of wires

Rockford has a brand new KN21 bench crimping press that accepts UNI-S – Applicators. This enables us to offer a crimping service of a very large range of contacts and crimps to our customers.

We use highly sophisticated industry equipment to ensure precision, and source the very best parts to meet the top industry standards. Typical single wire ranges for automated processing are from 32AWG – 8AWG (0.03mm² to 10mm²). If you would like to work with wires larger than 8 AWG, chat to the sales staff from Rockford’s main business site at

With our highly sophisticated cut and strip wire processing machines, we can work with complicated materials, shields, and screens. By investing in modern technology, we are confident we can process your cables to your requirements.

All wiring is fully tested in accordance with ISO 9001 standards to meet our rigorous quality assurance procedures.

If customers require large volumes of wires as a kit, we can supply these in kits ready for installation.

Rockford can now offer customers a fast track quote to meet all of your wire prep and discrete wiring needs. In conjunction with a rapid turnaround service from the fully automated wire preparation services, this means all customers receive fast quotes and delivery to allow you to meet your deadlines.